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Recent News

08/19/10 The Yaks went for a little visit to Estes Park at The Baldpate Inn.. Click the link for the story.

11/26/09 Denver 9 News came and did a story on the yaks. Click the link for the video and story.

10/17/09 Article about Gillette Yaks in the Denver Post. Click the link for the full article.

09/27/09 Article about Gillette Yaks in the Loveland Reporter Herald. Click the link for the full article.

03/15/09 Newborn black female - Maggie -

Pioneers for a new generation of healthy Americans.

Gillette Land & Livestock, LLC is a Colorado family owned and operated small agricultural operation. We specialize in Colorado Yaks and the many products that this amazing animal can provide.

Our primary focus is on sustainable practices for human and animal survival. It was on this path that Yaks came to our attention. Whether breeding, raising the animals for meat or other products, trekking, or simply looking for a docile pasture animal... a Yak provides many surprising benefits. We discuss these benefits at length on our Yak page, but we are quick to point out that the meat from these animals is not only a tasty treat, but also more healthy for the consumer than skinless chicken breast.

Some of the products and animals for sale that we currently offer:

  • Baby Yaks for Sale
  • Yak Meat
  • Yak Wool
  • Yak Cheese - We are working on this and will keep you updated as we move forward toward production

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